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Membership shall be open to persons who are members of the Hong Kong Management Association, and who are graduates/ participants of programmes organized by the HKMA. There shall be two classes of membership:

Full Membership:
Graduates of HKMA programmes. Full members shall be entitled to propose and vote at the HKMAAA Annual General Meeting.

Associate Membership:
Participants of HKMA programmes. Associate members shall not be entitled to propose and vote at the HKMAAA Annual General Meeting, but shall be upgraded to Full Membership upon graduation.

Membership shall be at the full discretion of the Executive Committee of HKMAAA.
  1. All subscriptions shall be due on the 1st day of January each year. Where annual subscriptions have not been paid by the 31 January each year and in the absence of a reasonable explanation being provided, membership shall be deemed to have lapsed.
  2. Where a member is formally accepted after 30 June of the year, he or she shall be required to pay only one half of the annual subscription for the remaining part of the year.
  3. All membership subscriptions shall be non-refundable.
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